Cooking up for you a special meditative breakfast, a deep listening session initiated by a guided meditation. This is a call for all people who want to experience music spaces in a more ritualistic, communal, nourishing, free way. The will to stimulate a dialogue about all of this Is what led us to open this circle.

Every Saturday from 11:59am to 6pm, Giri invites a different collective to curate a listening session at the café, while the team takes care of food and drinks.This time around, Lunatica will be taking control of the sound system with a mixture of live and DJ performances.

The event itself is free, but the team will be collecting donations (suggested: 5 euro) at the door to support the artists, curators, and the breakfast club initiative in general.


+ Tarot Corner by Anthrazit


  • From 12pm to 6pm
  • Every Saturday until end of March.
  • Suggested donation of EUR 5,- 
  • Breakfast service and delicious mocktails by Giri

Your healthiest social club