Andrzej Żuławski’s Possession (1981)

Trying to synopsize Żuławski’s scandalous Palme d’Or entry is next to impossible. Possession is a film that has the feel and texture of a nervous breakdown; it’s cinema as a fugue state. 

A spiral staircase movie, a never-ending metaphysical game of cat-and-mouse, a moral aspiration to the Heavens, a spotlight on God, a scornful detective movie, a horror movie, and a frightful, high-octane baroque work—Possession is all of that at once.

Set in the still familiar grim corners and gray streets of Cold War West Berlin, Possession evokes the fears of mutually assured destruction, be it the nuclear rhetoric or the agony of a failed relationship. It is ultimately an apocalyptic vision.


19:00 Welcome* & Dinner** with music selected by DJ Jones
20:30 Introduction
21:00 Projection
22:30 Debate & Conclusion

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