Pier Paolo Pasolini presents, with interviews of Oriana Fallaci and Giuseppe Ungaretti, Comizi d’Amore (1965, Italy, 89 min). 

So, after looking into things from the ground up and trusting our instincts, here’s what we found: 

“Back in the day in Italy, when everyone was feeling hopeful during the economic miracle, we were kind of hoping to stumble upon signs of a modern cultural and spiritual miracle. But, guess what? If there’s anything significant we discovered, it’s a bit of a downer: the Italy of material prosperity is dramatically contradicted in spirit by these real Italians” Comizi d’Amore,’ a documentary, a self-determined perspective of Italian economic boom protagonists. Internal divergences surface as society opines on sentimental, sexual themes, morality’s impact on virginity and family values.


18:59 – 20:29 Welcome* & Dinner**
20:30 – 20:59 Introduction to Author and Film
21:00 – 21:50 Projection (Part I) 
21:51 – 21:05 Intermission
22:06 – 22:49 Projection (PartII)
22:50 – 23:30 Debate &personal reflections 

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