Giri x Unguarded

“Nothing feels more ordinary and comforting than enjoying breakfast while immersing yourself in live music within a communal living space. We’re here to introduce unconventional music genres in a setting that feels familiar and inviting. This is the spirit or our breakfast club.”

Every Saturday from 12am-6pm, Giri invites a different collective to curate a listening session at the café, while the team takes care of food and drinks.This time around, some of the Giri residents and friends from Unguarded will be taking control of the sound system.

The event itself is free, but the team will be collecting donations (suggested: 5 euro) at the door to support the artists and residents performing and collaborating with the team. The Giri team itself will not be receiving any of the donations, only the collaborators.


95vcc (DJ set)
Uxile ( Live / Unguarded)
Dounia ( DJ / Unguarded)
Kulyenchikev (DJ set)

Start 12:00PM till 18:00PM → 6h of PURE music
Every saturday from jan to march → 3 months
!!! ( imp ) Reservation on our website (
Food → Drinks – all alcohol free
Slogan: Your healthiest social club during the day